Guide on making battery run longer iPad and iPhone

Today I am going to share a little guide for making your battery run longer. We always have a problem with our iPads or iPhones batteries especially when you play so much with your phone games like hunting for pokemons or just using the sims freeplay cheats I shared on my previous post. It will only last for a short time and then it will be low on battery again. We should know that all gadgets today will always run out of battery fast. That is why we should know how to make it a run longer.


Here are some tricks that I know that I like to share it to you.

  • Minimize the brightness of your iPad or iPhone. Adjust it the one just right for you to see not to bright and not to dark.
  • If there is no Wi-Fi do not turn it on. This will also consume a lot of energy from your battery.
  • Do not turn on your location service if you are not using it.
  • Do not close and open application all the time. We all thought that closing an app will save battery but that is wrong. When you close an app you will take it out from the RAM, so when you will open it again it will load again in the memory of your iPad or iPhone. This will give more stress to your gadgets, just leave it be. You do not have to close it all the time. So do not open any application that you do not really use anyway.
  • Do not use flash on your camera if it is not needed.
  • Turn on the Low Power Mode. This will reduce the overall power and this will make the battery of your iPad or iPhone run longer. It will save your battery by 3hours more or less. This is not an automatic app on you iPad or iPhone so you have to turn it on manually.
  • Battery Usage, go to Settings, General, Battery and then Battery Usage. This will show you your usage and standby times of your gadget.
  • Check also in the Battery Usage which application consumes a lot of battery. So you will know what not to use if not needed.
  • When you are not using your phone usually the screen of your iPad or iPhone will not turn off right away it will take for a while to turn off. So you should go to Settings, General then Auto-Lock. Here you can auto off the screen when you are not using it. To save your battery choose the ultra-low 30 seconds to sleep after using the device.
  • One of the biggest drains of our iPhone battery is the antenna. It will always Check all the nearby cellular and Wi-Fi networks all the time. So if you are not expecting or making any calls, use data or GPS you can turn on your Airplane Mode to disable the antenna. To turn on to Airplane Mode swipe up on Control Centre and tap the Airplane icon.

These tricks can help you a lot when you go somewhere and you forgot to bring your power banks or other unfortunate events that you might experience.