Excited for 2016 Upcoming Games

There are so many games that I am excited about. For one now that I just started playing with the new Pokemon Go which is absolutely amazing, there are still other games set to be released this 2016 that every gamer including me are just super super excited!

So what are this games? Well, lets take a look. FIFA 17! which is set to release on September this year. Yes, it is still a few months away but hey, its one of the very nice game that you can play. I mean, lets face it, its already gone from fifa 15, 16 and both very just very big. Besides, who does not love soccer or football. Everybody loves the game and with the a game that lets you control your favorite players? Well, it is just brilliant!

Another game I am interested in is Dishonored 2. Another sequel that continues to evolve. The 1st one one a hit and its no question that the next will be a big hit. This massive role playing game on stealth and attacks, is just amazing. So if you love playing assassin, then this game is definitely something to watch.

World of Warcraft: Legion – ready for another sweet expansion to the already very popular game? This probably the 6th expansion and with new characters and gameplay added, this will definitely be rocker. And its just a month away from the expansion date. Yup, you read that read. The expansion is set to be released this August 2016 for the massively multiplayer game.

Here is another game that I am also very excited. I probably have played all the series in these game and is probably my only childhood game that I really really love. It’s not just about the role playing but its probably because of the storyline it tells to the gamers and how each episode connects to the next. Although there were some that told a completely new story and characters, but still, it kept me playing the game and changing the scenarios and exploring the vast world it provides to the gamers. The latest FF XV will be released on the last week of September and for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One platform.

I wanted to add more games in this post but I am gonna limit it for now to 5 upcoming videos games for 2016. This time is is Watch Dogs 2. Yup, the second sequel will be out on the 15 of November this year which will be playable on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. Now with a bigger world to play and with more challenging scenarios, you will have to be a wiser and smarter hacker this time to make it through the game.

This are some games to watch out this year. And if you ever need some guide to these games, just head over to Cheats WorldFor sure its not yet available today because obviously the games has yet to be released, but once it does, you sure can expect some good hacking and cheat guides from the site.